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eBooks – Burmese History – Buddhist Art – Buddhism

eBooks – Burmese History – Buddhist Art – Buddhism are freely available on line or free to download from our website, bearing in mind that they are the intellectual property of the original authors and as such can not be sold or copied.

The Burmese Empire 100 years ago
A History of Indian Buddhism
Who are the Buddhist Deities
Rohingya History Myths & Reality
Old Burma Early Pagan Vol. 1
Old Burma Early Pagan Plates
History of Arakan Rakhine State
A List of Inscriptions found in Burma
Arlcheological Notes on Mandalay
The Art of the Burmese Buddha Statue
Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism
An Historical Account of the Rise and Fall of the Royal Capital Ava
nscriptions Burma, Pagan Pinya Ava
Burmese Tales and Folklore

Ebooks About Burmese History

From time to time we come across some interesting Ebooks About Burmese related to Burmese History and Buddhism in Burma (old name), now referred to as Myanmar which we like to share with visitors to our website. None are authored by us and we would ask that you respect the rights of the authors regarding the copyrights of these articles. Most can be found online, but we have included a download link for convenience.


  • Palm leaf manuscript record of a Mission sent by the Myanmar King to the Chinese Emperor in the mid-18th century
  • The Golden Rock at Kyaikhti–yo
  • The Ecology of Burman-Mon Warfare and the Premodern Agrarian State 1383-1425


Written by the Shan Women’s Network
Most of this book deals with aspects of culture that may be unknown to the average tourist. The focus is on Shan culture, but the process of repression is also happening to other ethnic cultures in Shan State and other parts of Burma.


This article presents an apocryphal Buddhist text that contains a speech of the Buddha listing the relics linked to his former existence in Arakan, as well as prophecies regarding the historical succession of kings. Looking at various aspects such as the geographical distribution of the relics and the typically Buddhist representation of kingship, the author argues that the text can best be understood in the eighteenth-century context of the political decline of the Arakanese kingdom. As this article shows, apocryphal texts have authority because they build on traditional concepts and beliefs and are still poorly exploited sources of historical inquiry,


Burmese Buddhist Imagery of the Early Bagan Period (1044 – 1113 AD) By Charlotte Kendrick Galloway – Just one of a few papers written by this author. This thesis was submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy of the Australian National University.


Authored by San Tha Aung – Director- General, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Yangon, Burma until his demise in 1981. San Tha Aung was a native of Rakhine State, his desire to reveal the hidden ancient Rakhine culture and art resulted in this publication and several others related to Rakhine history and Burmese Buddhist Iconography. Unfortunately, this publication does not contain graphics related to the subject matter. Other online reading on Ancient Arakan

eBooks - Burmese History - Buddhist Art - Buddhism
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