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Thai Bronze Wandering Monk (SOLD)


Thai Bronze Wandering Monk

Thai Bronze Wandering Monk

AGE: – Assuming Mid 20th Century, could be older
HEIGHT: – 39cm
WIDTH: – 9cm (Base)
DEPTH: – 13cm
WEIGHT: – 2.2 kg.

This good quality casting of a Thai Bronze Wandering Monk shows him carrying an umbrella, walking stick and eating utensils slung over his shoulder, all the necessary items required by the wandering monks in Thailand who traveled from village to village.

The following information related to the traveling monks is a description given on the Buddhist Wisdom of the Thai Forest Tradition website.

They knew that if they studied the dhamma without practicing it, they would remain unaware of its deeper meaning. They realized that the value of the dhamma was not to be found in reading and studying but in training the mind through the thudong life. Finally, they understood that the best place to study the Buddha’s teachings was not in a comfortable monastery but in their own school, their own university: the heart of the forest, a grove, the shade of a single tree, the cemetery, the open air, the slope of a mountain, the foot of a mountain, a valley. They believed that such places were recommended by the Buddha as the supreme university.

#17 PRICE: AUD $370.00 CONTACT

Thai Bronze Wandering Monk
Back view Thai Bronze Walking Monk Statue
BronzeThai Wandering monk
Thai Bronze Wandering Monk
Thai Bronze Wandering monk Statue
Base view Bronze Thai Walking Monk
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